The Sum of Destructions

“With me, a picture is a sum of destructions. I do a picture, then I destroy it. But in the long run nothing is lost; the red that I took from one place turns up somewhere else.”
—Pablo Picasso

We shoot a lot of pictures in this digital age. It’s very easy and once all the hardware has been bought, there is no extra cost. Most of these pictures, however, are not great and will be discarded, either deleted or banished to some far away hard drive.

But these pictures still have great value. There was a reason you pressed the shutter, you saw something, in that instant there was the hope that something good would be created. Maybe the image as a whole does not work but there is still something there to be discovered. It could be a shadow, an angle, a colour, a perspective, a light, or an expression, something of creative value that can be carried forward into future work.

So the pictures we do keep, the ones we show to the world, are not created in isolation, but carry with them